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NOW AVAILABLE! Only $399! (Free shipping in continental US)


FIRST PITCH is proud to announce our latest addition to our collection of pitching machines. PLEASE CALL TO ORDER THIS MACHINE. Please note that the Relief Pitcher comes with two ball chutes/rings. The smaller one is for baseballs and the larger one is for softballs.



  • 15 to 45 MPH
  • Setup for Baseball and Softball
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Simpe setup and operation
  • Great for young players
  • Also a great choice for slow pitch softball
  • Variable pitch speed
  • Height adjustable for baseball and softball
  • All metal construction for long life
  • Throws real baseballs and softballs
  • For the most accurate pitches we recommend dimple balls
  • Carries a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Made by First Pitch in the USA


Dear First Pitch,


"I Love My First Pitch Baseline Baseball Pitching Machine!Your product is everything your website described it would be. It is more sturdy than I believed it would be by looking at the pictures on the website. It was easy to assemble. The wheel is in perfect balance and runs as smooth as silk."


First Pitch Pitching Machine Stands Above the Competitors in Price & Quality–"Because every dollar I earn is budgeted to the penny, I researched for months and months comparing product after product, JUGS, HEATER, ATEC and CIMARRON. Your product without a doubt stood above the competitors, in price and quality."



A Baseball Pitching Machine the Average Joe Can Afford–"Just last week I took my granddaughters to the batting cages where they used JUGS machines. They hit off a machine nearly identical to the Baseline. That machine was not as sturdily made as the Baseline and it cost almost twice as much. I purchased the First Pitch machine so that many children, who normally don't have the same opportunities as privileged children, could enjoy and improve their abilities in the game of baseball or softball with hope of realizing their dreams. Your company has made that attainable by offering an affordable quality product to the average Joe, like me. Thank you!"

Todd Case

Chicago, Illinois


P.S. I would highly recommend your pitching machine as the perfect gift for grandparents to purchase for their grandchildren. It can bring so much enjoyment to children and their families. 





A Special Message from the President of First Pitch





We take pride in the quality of our baseball pitching machines and we warrant the operability of your pitching machine for five full years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts against premature wear or failure, electrical malfunction, or accidental damage during reasonable normal use. You are covered whether you use your machine for league play or at home.


Donate A Pitching Machine 

Please let us know if you would like to donate a machine to a group to benefit children or for your school or league. We have several organizations that would be thrilled to receive a machine and we can donate it in your name.


Steve Van Oss

President, First Pitch


*Full Five Year Warranty on Residential Use or Full One Year Warranty on Commercial Use





Please Note: Please see our Returns Policy Page for details. 



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