This is one awesome Automatic Ball Feeder that works on just about every pitching machine that First Pitch makes. Yes this automatic ball feeder dose feed both Baseballs and Softballs. Automatic ball feeder for your First Pitch pitching machine attaches to your machine and releases a ball approximately every 8 seconds. For special drills where you need all hands on deck this automatic ball feeder does the trick.

Ships in 48 HOURS!

Download Instruction Manual


  • Releases ballsevery 8-10 seconds
  • Holds 16 Baseballs
  • Holds 12 Softballs 11” and 12”
  • Holds 16 Cricket Balls
  • Adjustable Angle

Compatible with:

  • Baseline
  • Original
  • XL
  • Curveball*
  • Bowler*
  • Bowler Pro*

*(additional parts required)

​(The ball feeder can only be used with the Curveball and Bowler Pro in the horizontal position)