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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay for shipping?

All of our machines and most accessories ship for free within the 48 States. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Internationally will require an additional charge, please contact us providing your shipping address and we will give you a quote for shipping.  International customers are responsible for any and all Duties, Tariffs, Vat Tax, Customs Fees etc.

What type of balls are best to use?

First Pitch Machines will throw real baseball or softballs. Pitching machine balls will provide more consistency, but the important thing to remember is that all the balls should be the same and in similar condition for consistent pitches.

What is the difference between the Original and the Baseline?

The Baseline is packed with features like the ability to swivel and tilt all the way up for pop flies. These features make it a great choice for anyone looking to prefect his or her hitting AND fielding skills. The Original is perfect for those who focus on hitting and desire high speed pitches with maximum durability. It does not swivel or tilt back for pop flies.

What is the difference between the First Pitch Original and the First Pitch XL?

Both of these machines have the same motor and controller and for the most part are the same. There are three basic differences. 1. The original has two sets of legs for baseball or softball, The XL has legs that adjust so that only one set of legs is required. 2. While the original will tip forward for ground balls and back for high arc pitches, the XL will tip further back to throw pop flies. 3.  The XL has a 360-degree swivel feature for more versatile fielding practice.

At what distance is the speed measured?

The speed is measured with a radar gun at sixty feet, measuring the speed of the ball as it exits the machine. Of course the ball is moving as the radar gun is measuring it but the speed is measured close to the machine as it is when measuring the speed of a live pitch.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept orders on our website via credit card, and over the phone at 1 (888)400-9498.
We also accept purchase orders from schools and organizations.

Do you sell and ship to foreign countries?

Yes, we have sold and shipped machines to Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Israel, Central and South America and many more countries around the world. (Additional Charges Apply) International customers must provide us with the exact shipping address in order to provide a quote for the cost to ship your machine to you. Also International customers are responsible for any and all Custom Fees, Duties, Vat Tax, Tariffs etc…

How do I set up a First Pitch Machine?

  1. Insert legs until buttons snap in place
  2. Install ball tube for proper size ball with small wing nut on top
  3. Inflate tire 17-20 psi
  4. Adjust skid plate with power off. The gap between the tire and the metal plate should be 1/4” smaller than the size of the ball. (All the way down for baseballs)
  5. Adjust speed and angle of pitch

My new machine is not throwing consistently, what should I do?

1. Use some rough sand paper (60 grit) to scuff the tire. A new, slick tire will not grip the balls well. this will result in inconsistency.
2. Make sure the skid plate is adjusted correctly. The gap between the tire and the metal plate should be 1/4” smaller than the size of the ball. (All the way down for baseballs)
3. Make sure the balls you are using are of similar wear/condition. A way to test if it is the balls or the machine causing inconsistency is by throwing the exact same ball over and over again by having someone pass it back to you.
4. Check the tire pressure. The tire should be between 17 and 20 PSI.