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First Pitch is located in Maple Plain, Minnesota. We started out supplying pitching machines, in 1999, to leagues and teams locally and then through word-of-mouth, we started getting inquiries from schools, coaches, players, and parents throughout the United States.Over the 20 plus years we have heard from many of you. Many stories are about players that advanced to the highest levels in their sport. One grateful coach sent us the wheel from one of our machines that trained numerous Division I and Division II softball players (by name)…in a barn! We would love to hear stories of how you are using our machines to build skills and confidence. Please message us on Facebook.

Our unique niche in the marketplace is HIGH-QUALITY machines for a variety of sports that provide a better overall value than other top brands. Our Pitching Machines are versatile and can be used for numerous training drills and routines. ‚Äč

We take pride in our promise to produce quality pitching machines that are made in the USA. We confidently stand behind that promise with a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY for Team, League, Schools, residential use, or one year for commercial use. Our warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts against premature wear or failure and electrical malfunction. Schools, Teams, and Leagues are considered non-commercial use.

*Relief Pitcher model carries a one year warranty.
*See Warranty Page for Details

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