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Save $330

The Baseline Machine.

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LIMITED TIME ONLY: save $490 on the newest member of our pitching machine lineup – THE FIRST PITCH ACE!

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Original Pitching Machine

Save $370

The Original Machine.

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Football Machine Save $650

Quarterback Football Machine.

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Soccer Machine

Save $650

The Soccer Machine.

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Cricket Bowler Machine

Save $445

Enhance Your Cricket Game with the First Pitch Bowling Cricket Machine.

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Check out the latest addition to our pitching machine lineup:

The Ace Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine

The First Pitch ADVANTAGE

  • Buy Factory Direct. Our pitching machines are engineered and built for you right here in our factory. Made in the USA.
  • Top-quality construction. Dependable, durable machines backed by a great 5 Year Warranty*.
  • Engineered for speed & consistency. Superior speeds, up to 105 mph with our Curveball Pitching Machine.
  • Develop skills faster. Build hand-eye coordination, muscle-memory, and confidence.
  • Versatile training tool. Used by coaches at all levels for countless drills & routines.
  • A favorite of coaches nation wide as well as players and parents.

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