The game of Cricket is no different from any of the mainstream sports when it comes to trying to be the best. You have to practice just as hard if you want to reach all your personal and team goals. However, how can one be the best Cricket player they can be when they are only able to practice when the field is open or when they have two full teams to play a game with? Waiting is for the birds and with our new state of the art Cricket Bowling Machine, we can help you gain a competitive advantage as you could practice far more than the competition.

What is a Cricket Bowling Machine?

Cricket Bowling Machine is a mechanical device which allows a Cricket bat person to practice without the need for a full team and sometimes, without the need of anyone else at all. The rest is up to you. Our machines allow you to hone in on any deficiencies you may have, or to fine tune any proficiencies you have through repetition. Our Cricket Bowling Machines can have their throwing length, their speed and line all adjusted to fit your skill level or any other level you need.

Another benefit of our Cricket Bowling Machines that we touched on is you will no longer be at the mercy of needing two full teams in order to get some good and hard practice in. As an additional accessory for purchase, our Cricket Bowling Machines can be coupled with a ball feeder, eliminating the need to practice with a two full teams, or even a partner or a coach sometimes. Practice deep into the night as you try and get your Cricket game right with one of our quality Cricket Bowling Machines.

Our Cricket Pitching Machines

Our machines are simple to use and setup, durable and won’t break easily and are reliable, so you can keep getting better, year after year. We also carry many other machine accessories that are online for purchase to help you enjoy your bowler just that much more. The machines all come with a wide range of deliveries to simulate a pitch for a live person. The different deliveries our machines can throw.

  • Fast bowl
  • Swing bowl
  • Spin bowl
  • Seam bowl
  • Boucher bowl

Some of these deliveries, a partner or a coach will be needed to tip and adjust the actual machine to a certain point or a line, on the field. However, some deliveries are able to be done alone, especially if you purchase the ball feeder. If you are ready to go to the next level in the game of Cricket, and practice when your competition can’t or doesn’t want to, we have the perfect machine that is sure to fit all your Cricket practicing needs.