It is Super Bowl Week and this Sunday the Rams face the Patriots.  These teams and players have put in the work together and individually and now it is time all the reps and drills to pay off at the highest level.

While there is no substitute for hard work, there is also no substitute for great tools.

One tool that trains thousands of players is the  First Pitch Quarterback Machine.  This machine allows the user to quickly improve their football skills. There are several benefits to using the machine, starting with the amazing features it offers. First, there are adjustable legs, so you can customize it to the person using it.  Second,  there are no tools required. Third, the machine throws a perfect spiral every time so you can count on it to be consistent.

Training Like a Pro

You can train like a football pro with this machine and start to master the skills needed to succeed in the game of football.  The  First Pitch Quarterback Machine simulates kickoffs and punts going up to 80 yards for special teams drills. Receivers and running backs benefit from hands drills and to improve catching skills.   Smart defensive backs coaches use this machine to develop hands skills and anticipate where the ball is going for safeties and cornerbacks.

The machine will allow you to build up your skills both at home and with the team.

Train Alone

The great thing about the First Pitch Quarterback Machine is that it’s versatile enough to use with league play or at home. If you don’t have someone to help you learn or throw balls to you, you can set the machine up to help you along as you train. It is great for training in between practices or during the off season.

Give the Quarterback a Break

The throwing machine can help the quarterback in a couple of ways by giving them a break. If you use the machine you don’t run the risk of the QB throwing their arm out or hurting themselves in practice. The machine is consistent, and you don’t have to worry about it getting a tired arm—so the throws will always be the same and will allow everyone to train in the same way.

You don’t want your quarterback to continually throw to the team throughout practice, especially right before you are going to play a game. The machine eliminates having to worry about that.

Beneficial to Schools and Leagues

The Quarterback Machine can take a coach’s game to the next level. It will help them show the team what could happen with a quarterback who can throw amazing passes and how to catch them during the game. A great benefit from the company that creates the machines is that they allow people to go onto their site and donate them to a school or football league of their choice. This way a team that might not be able to afford a machine can get one from some caring donor.

When you purchase a machine you can get a five-year warranty, so you know even if something goes wrong you are covered for a long time. Getting a machine is going to completely change your game and the game of your team.