The First Pitch Playmaker Soccer Ball Machine allows soccer players to perfect their soccer skills. Offering the power, flexibility, and durability that ensures all players reach their potential – the Playmaker machine can simulate both shots and passes in a variety of drills and settings. Rolling on two tires, you can use #3, #4, and #5 soccer balls in the soccer ball machine.
Great for Goalies

The Playmaker Soccer Ball Machine can fire shots at a 100 MPH clip from up to 80 yards away. This means any goalies can use the machine to practice saving any type of shot and serve – even the most difficult ones. Using the Playmaker as a training tool will push even the best goalkeepers to their limits.

Superb for Scorers

Forwards and midfielders also benefit from practicing with a soccer ball machine. As the Playmaker offers a number of different passing options, even curve kicks, a player looking to score some goals will never run out of drills. The best aspect of the soccer ball machine for forwards and midfielders is the timesaving during practice. Many goal scorers get up to 300% more reputations using our machine versus practicing with no machine.

Awesome for Personal Lessons

If you are training an individual, you can still do a variety of drills with our machine. The Playmaker was designed to work as an individual training tool for coaches to use with their players one on one. As many have said, it’s not how you work when everyone is watching – it’s how you work when there are few people around. Our machine allows you to practice in privacy. This means you can reach your full potential on the pitch.

Perfect for Team Training

Not only is the Playmaker Soccer Ball Machine great for solo training sessions – it’s also an incredible tool for team training. Many coaches love to incorporate our machine into their training regimes and practice plans. As all good soccer coaches understand the value of repetitions, we have found these coaches love using our machine to get as many reps as possible.

First Pitch Playmaker Soccer Ball Machine – Made to Handle the Test of Time

Not only is our machine incredibly useful and versatile, but the Playmaker is also built to last.  Only First Pitch offers a five-year guaranteed warranty on its soccer ball machine. It doesn’t matter if you use the machine for individual lessons, for your team, or as a part of your league – our warranty and our machine is made to handle the test of time. Use your machine as often as you want. We just want to see you become a better soccer player!